In the design you see the expertise of Panhuizen

Panhuizen is a leading expert in the development and production of screens and rollers. Our screens and rollers are used in many industry applications. All screens and rollers produced by Panhuizen are one of a kind and tailored to our customers, assuring only the best results. The specialists of Panhuizen use both creativity and precision to realize the best quality for your design. This is where you can see the expertise of panhuizen.


Nickel rotary screens are a vital part of our assortment. These screens are made to fit any kind of rotary machine. By our knowledge, experience, and cutting edge techniques we are able to produce any screen that suits your wishes. Our screens are available in multiple types and sizes. Measurements go from: circumference 640 to 101.8 mm – width 530 to 3500 mm. Flat screens are available from 100 by 100 mm to 3600 by 6500 mm.

Duplex & Embossing Rollers

At Panhuizen we are specialized in producing duplex & embossing rollers. After our design and photographic teams finish your textile or wallpaper design in stunning detail, engraving it on steel it will make the end result even more expressive.This cogwheeled roller will fit perfectly by our industry leading perfect fit design. At panhuizen every roller is a work of fine craftmanship, where accuracy and beautiful design are united in the production process.

Industrial Rollers

Structure- and embossing rollers for Industrial applications

Industrial rollers are used for many industrial applications like metal sheets (gold- and silver coatings), packaging, paper, profiled glass, aluminium panels, board plates, and material handling systems etc. Panhuizen offers unique expertise in industrial rollers. We can proudly state that Panhuizen is the only player in Europe possessing this specialty.
Any desired technical engraving with a width of 4000mm and a diameter of 500 mm can be produced to your wishes. Material options vary from: Tempered to not tempered, in copper, steel, aluminium, stainless steel, and brass. Moreover these rollers can be chromed or ceramically coated.

Embossing Rollers

Embossing rollers for plush hand imitation leather are a form of art.

Panhuizen designs and produces embossing rollers as one of a few in the industry. While producing these rollers, craftmanship, and creativity go hand in hand.
Please contact us to discuss special requests for engraved rollers.

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More than just a reproduction of a design

The artistic skills of our designers are reflected in the elegant designs created by Panhuizen. In contrast to digitally generated designs, our hand drafted designs are unique, providing a valuable touch to your product.
All designers of Panhuizen have the experience and creative abilities to establish a design that suits best to your applications. With the most recent techniques, our design team can turn the design in shades of gray, values, and lines. The demands of our customers are most important when creating a design. Powerful computers provide the game of light and dark. Subsequently, these computers will turn the design into a digital format. After the design has been completed, it can be produced at our own production facility.

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To engrave ingenious and able

After designing to your wishes, the screens and rollers will be manufactured. Precise handwork is the foundation that ensures a stunning end product. The quality of our engravers is well demonstrated by the creation of repetitive designs. Panhuizen’s knowledge of the market, craftmanship, and cutting edge engraving techniques are resulting in high quality products. Our screens and rollers can be used for numerous applications such as: textile-, wallpaper-,label-, metal printing, coating and many more. Panhuizen can supply the matrix that suits best to your applications. We are constantly seeking to provide you with the best engraving product possible!

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Artistic handwork goes hand in hand with modern digital techniques:

You have definitely had one of them in your hands: napkins with a particular relief, black papered dossiers, or attaché cases with a leather design. Moreover, you must be familiar with marked and coloured wallpaper, as well as furniture and clothing material consisting of splendid drawings. The designs that give these products their unique look are our speciality.


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